You eclipse with me and passed by

Pretending I wasn’t there

I shall have known…

You are ethereal, unpalpable…

Drawing an elipse on my path to you

When I was almost there,

Invisible, distant, even unreachable.



Perhaps you don’t know

That I talk to the wind,

Smile to a falling leave,

Walk in the rain

and appreciate the grey sky.

Imagine a fantastic world,

Unicorns running free 

Star gaze from  the fool hill.

Perhaps you don’t know

That I forget simple things,

Get lost contemplating the stars

And chase the sunset

After the midnight.

Feel like a child when you are around

Hold my feelings, become desperate,

Creative sketching many phrases…

Perhaps you don’t know

That I have learned divine words

Only to tell you… That I love you!













Before You Return

“I will comeback” You said

But, perhabs you don’t know

That, I want to see you

And hold you in my arms…

I am stubborn and I don’t know

How to stop approaching you.

You left memories of an

ephemeral embrace…

And the notion of waiting, keep me

Anchored to you.

Yes, time will pass…

And I want to learn how to talk to you

Laugh with you and dream with you…

Shearing a precious feeling,

The burning that run deep inside.

Love I safeguarded before you return…







In the air

Your soul comes to me every morning

And I can hear the silent call conforting my senses

-I guess, you are staying here..

And it will be all right…

But it took you long in coming into

my life

Like a told story…

You folded its pages,

Letting me to contemplate framed brief images 

And it has been my last stance

Wanting to capture

your delicate scent left in the air…

The evoking of good sensations,

your luminous and provocative appearance.



The Fall

The color of the fall belong to you!

A soft wind swirl leaves on your feet,

Have your hair loose

and your dress undulate,

Pretend that you are alone.

Carry on the exuberance

Of your own majestic,

Lets the season to foster you,

Natural and beautiful.


Searched my reality way to far from home!

I came in a different kind of wave

Weak and strong upon the horizon

Looking for a light made of darkness

But, I was to small to conquer it.

The heavy rain washed my fragile body

And I didn’t casted my shadow after the burning sun.

Cruelty became a constant madness.

I touched an angel and it wasn’t my time,

And yet a desire to rest was intese.

After seeking the distance,

I learned that the angel of my

Absolute reality, the rain and uncasted shadow, were you.